CfA Safety

The Center for Astrophysics is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for all employees and visitors. Accomplishing this goal requires the participation and cooperation of everyone associated with the CfA: employees, fellows, students, volunteers and even visitors. CfA Safety Office is committed to assisting the Director, Associate Directors, Department Managers, principal investigators, managers, supervisors, and all other staff in maintaining a safe working environment. The CfA Safety Policy may be viewed here.

The safety program at the Center for Astrophysics resides in the Director’s Office and is overseen by Jim Shaw, the Director of Central Engineering. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the person listed below based on the building in which you reside.

Reporting an Emergency:

Fire, Police or Medical Emergency: 9-911

All Other Building Emergencies:

15 Wayside Road, Burlington, MA:
Kris Broll (617-998-0604)

100 Acorn Park Drive:
Bill Duggan (617-780-8631) or the Bulfinch Co. paging system (781-707-4000 x199)

60 Garden Street:
Charles Hickey (617-495-9238). At 60 Garden Street, you may also call the Harvard University Operations Center to report anything such as flooding, utility failure, public safety and facilities issues at 617-495-5560. To report crime, you may call the Harvard Campus police at 617-495-1212.

160 Concord Ave:
Muriel Hodges (617-496-7617)

In event of fire or chemical spill requiring evacuation, sound fire alarm at nearest pull-station.