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  • OMI Chlorine Dioxide (OClO) - Sample Images

    This page contains links to OMI OClO slant column monthly and daily averages for the northern and southern hemispheres, and selected months between 09/2004 and 09/2010. Follow the links below to the individual image pages.

    Monthly Averages:
    Northern Hemisphere
    Southern Hemisphere

    Daily Averages (pending)

     Solar Spectrum

    SAO2010 Solar Irradiance Reference Spectrum

     GOME-1, GOME-2, SCIAMACHY, & OMI Ozone Profiles and Tropospheric Ozone
    GOME Ozone and Tropospheric Ozone Profiles

     Tropospheric Ozone Movies

    Sep. 1996 - Nov. 1997, with GEOS-CHEM comparison

    July 1995 - June 2003

    The World According to GOME

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