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    This page shows average OMI HCHO vertical columns for all months between 10/2004 and 09/2009. A background correction based on monthly average values over the sourthern remote Pacific has been applied to all total column values in order to remove the steady increase in HCHO background values observed over the OMI life time. Data have been screened for clouds, rejecting any pixels with cloud cover above 40%. Images show OMI HCHO data from Collection 3. Click on an image to enlarge.

    Corresponding observations of OMI CHO-CHO (glyoxal) vertical columns can be found here.

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     Solar Spectrum

    SAO2010 Solar Irradiance Reference Spectrum

     GOME-1, GOME-2, SCIAMACHY, & OMI Ozone Profiles and Tropospheric Ozone
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     Tropospheric Ozone Movies

    Sep. 1996 - Nov. 1997, with GEOS-CHEM comparison

    July 1995 - June 2003

    The World According to GOME

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