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    This page provides daily images of bromine monoxide (BrO) observations by the OMI and GOME-2 satellite instruments in support of the Fairbanks campaign. For each instrument, a single image contains a map of the total column BrO averaged over all data available within a 24h window before 15:30UTC (11:30EST). Images for the current and previous day are displayed on this page and are updated daily. Older images can be found in the Image Directory.
    Zoom images for the geographical region 55o – 90oN, 180o – 40oW are available on the Zoom Page.

    Unfilled/non-colored areas in the plots correspond to missing data. These are present, most notably, in GOME-2 towards the equator, since GOME-2 does not have the daily global coverage of OMI. Other reasons for missing data may include limited availability of processed BrO data within the last 24h, and the one-day-per-month spatial zoom measurement mode of OMI.


    Note that OMI and GOME-2 images are generated with different color scales to account for the differences in dynamic range of the BrO columns from the two instruments. Both data sets are provided "as is", i.e., essentially unvalidated: GOME-2 BrO is a fairly recent product from retrievals that have been mirrored on the original GOME-1 approach, and OMI data are provided in a new version (v1.9) that has yet to be validated against correlative measurements. Neither data set is as yet suitable for use in scientific publications.

     Solar Spectrum

    SAO2010 Solar Irradiance Reference Spectrum

     GOME-1, OMI, and GOME-2 Ozone Profiles and Tropospheric Ozone
    GOME (Data available from July 1995-June 2003)

    OMI (Data available from October 2004-June 2009)

     Tropospheric Ozone Movies

    OMI Mean Tropospheric Ozone (Jul. 2006 - Sep. 2006)

    Sep. 1996 - Nov. 1997, with GEOS-CHEM comparison

    July 1995 - June 2003

    The World According to GOME

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