Abstracts: NASA Laboratory Space Science Workshop

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N. I. Agladze and A. J. SieversMm and Sub-mm Wave Absorption in Low- and High-Density Amorphous Ice
J. Ajello, G. James, I. Kanik, C. Noren, L. Beegle, D. Dziczek, C. Jonin, D. Shemansky, X. LiuElectron collision properties and UV spectroscopy of H2, HD, O, and H
L.J. Allamandola, S.A. Sandford, F. Salama, D.M. Hudgins, and M. BernsteinFifteen Years of Laboratory Astrophysics at Ames
John E. Allen, Jr. and Robert N. NelsonLow-Temperature Vapor Pressures of Some Light Hydrocarbons
L. M. Beaty, K. P. Huber, P. C. Hinnen, K. Ito, T. Matsui, G. StarkHigh-resolution Absorption Cross Sections of Nitrogen in the 86.1-79.9 nm Region
P. Beiersdorfer, G.V. Brown, S.M. Kahn, D.L. Liedahl, S.B. UtterHighly Charged Ions for Astrophysical Diagnostics in the Extreme Ultraviolet
Naomi Black, John Caldwell, Xin-Min Hua, C.Y. Robert Wu, D.L. JudgeApplication of Laboratory UV Measurements of CO and C2H2 Absorption Coefficients to Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Neptune
John Caldwell, Ilana Dashevsky, C.Y. Robert Wu, D.L. JudgeApplication of Laboratory UV Measurements of NH3 and C2H2 Absorption Coefficients to Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Jupiter
Ara Chutjian, Steven J. Smith and Jason D. GreenwoodMeasurement of Absolute Electron Excitation Cross Sections in Multiply-Charged Ions Using Electron Energy-Loss Methods
Regina J. CodyLaboratory Formation and Properties of Carbonaceous Particles for Astrophysical and Cometary Comparisons
R. A. Copeland, E. S. Hwang, C. G. Bressler, and A. BergmanLaboratory Investigations into the Temperature Dependence of the Collisional Removal of Oxygen in the Herzberg States
Eastman, R.G., Springer, P.T., Goldstein, W.H., Hammer, J.H., Iglesias, C.A., Pinto, P.A., Deeney, C.Laboratory Measurements for Supernovae Expansion Opacities
S.R. Federman, R.M. Schectman, J. Zsargo, W. Lee, H. S. Polvony, and L.J. CurtisOscillator Strengths for Ultraviolet Lines of Interstellar Atoms and Molecules
Zineb Felfli, Daniel Bessis and Alfred Z. MsezaneNew Developments In Small-Angle Electron Scattering: Aid To Measurements
Brian C. Friedmann and J. Mayo GreenbergPhotoluminescence Measurements of the EURECA organic residue: Does it match the ERE?
D.G. Furton, Todd Scungio, A.N. WittIR Spectroscopy of Solids Containing Si-H Bonds: Source of the Interstellar 4.62 micron Absorption Feature?
P.A. Gerakines, D.C.B. Whittet, A.C.A. Boogert, A.G.G.M. Tielens, P. EhrenfreundISO--SWS Observations of Interstellar CO2 Ice
Ulf Griesmann, Gillian Nave, Krzysztof Dzierzega and Wolfgang L. WieseAccurate Measurements of Atomic Branching Fractions Using Fourier Transform Spectrometry and Progress on the NIST VUV-- Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Steven L. GubermanThe Capture of Electrons by Molecular Ions in Planetary Ionospheres and the Interstellar Medium
B.A.S. Gustafson, L. Kolokolova, J. Loesel, J. Thomas-Osip, T. Waldemarsson, Y.-l. XuCosmic Dust Exploration using Broadband Microwave Analogues
Susan L. Hallenbeck and Joseph A. Nuth IIIThermal Evolution of Amorphous Magnesium Silicate Smokes: Comparison to Circumstellar and Cometary Spectra
Joshua B. Halpern and Yuhui HuangThe C2N2 C1Bu - X1Sigma;g+ Transition: Assignment of the Excited Electronic State, Its Origin and Vibrational Frequencies
Brian Hicks, Milt Rebbert, Pete Isaacson, Christie Marrian, Jackie Fischer, Howard Smith, Peter Ade, Rashme Sudiwala, Matt Greenhouse, Harvey Moseley, and Ken StewartNanotechnology Fabrication of Polysilicon Film/Metal Grid Infrared Filters
J.J. Hillman, D.C. Reuter, J.M. Sirota, W.E. Blass, S.J. Daunt, L.R. Senesac, A.C. Ewing, L.W. Jennings, M.C. Weber, J.S. Hager, S.L. Mahan, A. Fayt10 micron Ethylene: Spectroscopy, Intensities and a Planetary Modeler's Atlas
Mihaly Horanyi, Bob Walch, and Scott RobertsonELECTROSTATIC CHARGING OF LUNAR DUST
Douglas M. Hudgins, Louis J. Allamandola, and Scott A. SandfordThe Unidentified Infrared Emission Bands: Identified
D. L. Huestis, C. G. Bressler, and R. A. CopelandO2 (5Pi;g) and Atmospheric Oxygen Atom Recombination
G. James, J. Ajello, I. Kanik, C. Noren, L. Beegle, D. Dziczek, C. Jonin, D. Shemansky, X. LiuHigh Resolution UV Emission Spectroscopy of CO and N2 Excited by Electron Impact
S.M. Kahn, P. Beiersdorfer, G.V. Brown, M.F. Gu, D.L. Liedahl, D.W. Savin, S.B. Utter, K. WidmannLaboratory X-ray Spectroscopy Experiments in Support of NASA's X-ray Satellite Missions
I. Kleiner, L.R. Brown, G. Tarrago, Q.L. Kou, N. Picque, V. Dana, and J.Y. MandinAnalysis of Ammonia Line Parameters in the 3 Micron Region
L. Kolokolova, B.A.S. Gustafson, J. Loesel, and J. Thomas-OsipEvidence for Comet Dust Evolution based on Microwave Analogue Experiments and Polarimetric Observations
Victor H. S. Kwong and Z. FangElectron Capture by Silicon Ions from Helium at eV Energies
J.E. Lawler, K.L. Mullman and J.A. FedchakISM abundances from accurate f-values for the VUV resonance lines of FeII, CoII, and NiII
D.A. Liedahl, P. Beiersdorfer, G.V. Brown, S. Utter, S.M. Kahn, M.F. Gu, and D.W. SavinA Synergistic Approach to Modeling Astrophysical X-Ray Spectra
Steven T. MansonPhotoionization Cross Sections of Atoms and Ions Related to Astrophysical Problems
Michael E. MauelLaboratory Observations of Wave-Induced Radial Transport within an "Artifcial Radiation Belt"
W.C. Martin, J. Sugar, A. Musgrove, C.J. Sansonetti, J.E. Sansonetti, E.B. Saloman, V.I. Azarov, A.E. Kramida, A.N. Ryabtsev, T. ShiraiCritical Compilation of Atomic Wavelength and Energy Level Data
W.C. Martin, W.L. Wiese, A. Musgrove, J.R. Fuhr, J. Sugar, J. Reader, D.E. Kelleher, K.J. Olsen, P.J. Mohr, G.R. Dalton, C. Stern Grant, G. EichhornAtomic Spectra Database
B.J. McCall and T. OkaSpectroscopy and Dynamics of H3+ in the Laboratory and in Space
Michael C. McCarthy, Carl A. Gottlieb, and Patrick ThaddeusLarge Organic Molecules in the Laboratory and in Space
M.H. Moore and R.L. HudsonSynthesis of ethane in ion-irradiated water ice mixtures with organics relevant to comets
M. H. Moore and R. K. KhannaNH3 reactions in ion-irradiated H2O + CO2 ices--in search of the identification of the 6.8 micron interstellar absorption band
V. Morozhenko, T. Kostiuk, D. BuhlLaboratory Investigations of C2H4 by Infrared Heterodyne Spectroscopy
J.S. Morrill, M.L. Ginter, B.R. Lewis and S.T. GibsonThe Electronic Rydberg and Valence Structures of Molecular Oxygen
V. Nemtchinov and P. VaranasiLaboratory Studies of Strengths and Pressure-broadened Widths of Lines in the 10 Micron Band of Ammonia Molecule
James J. O'Brien, Elizabeth A. Amin and Balazs L. KalmarAbsorption Spectra and Absorption Coefficients for the 790 nm and 889 nm bands of Methane obtained using Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy
Dr. Nimmi C. Parikh, Dr. John ZollwegAmmonia-Water Low Temperature Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium: Applications to the Atmospheres of Outer Planets
J.C. Pickering, A.P. Thorne, R.C.M. Learner and G. CoxLaboratory Fourier transform spectroscopy for astronomers' special requests
Maxim PonomarjovOuter atmosphere and wake of space objects, kinetic simulation
Manju PrakashIon-Electron Behaviour near Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer During Substorm
D.B. Reisenfeld, P.H. Janzen, L.D. Gardner, D.W. Savin, and J.L. KohlAbsolute Cross Section for Electron Impact Excitation of Ground State Si2+
Bruce A. Remington, S. Gail Glendinning, Kimberly S. Budil, Jave Kane, Dave Gold, Dimitri Ryutov, Gilbert Collins, and Robert CaubleHydrodynamics experiments for astrophysics using intense lasers
F. Salama, L. Allamandola and T. HalasinskiSearching For the Interstellar Signatures of Large Carbon Molecules and Ions from the Ultraviolet to the Near IR
S.A. Sandford, M.P. Bernstein, and L.J. AllamandolaLaboratory Studies of Interstellar/Cometary Ice Analogs
Craig J. Sansonetti and Joseph ReaderWavelengths and Oscillator Strengths for Space Astronomy
D. W. Savin, S. M. Kahn, A. Muller, and A. WolfIon Storage Ring Measurements for Understanding Line Emission and Ionization and Thermal Structures of Photoionized Gas
D.R. Schultz, P.C. Stancil, P.S. Krstic, W. Liu, and D.J. JefferyTheoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics and Data Activities for Astrophysics
A. J. Sievers and N. I. AgladzeLow Temperature Mm-wave Properties of Model Celestial Grains
T.G. Slanger, P.C. Cosby, D.L. Huestis, E.S. Hwang, H.I. Bloemink, A. Bergman, R.A. Copeland, D.E. Osterbrock, J.P. FulbrightThe O2 (b1 Sigma;g+) State - Nightglow Observations and Laboratory Kinetics
Peter L. Smith \& Juliet C. PickeringImproved VUV Spectroscopy of Doubly-Ionized Atoms
Peter L. Smith, K. Yoshino, J. R. Esmond, W. H. Parkinson, K. P. Huber, K. Ito \& T. MatsuiOscillator Strengths for VUV lines of CO, H2, and HCl
Steven J. Smith, Ara Chutjian, Jason GreenwoodMeasurement of Lifetimes and f-Values in Multiply-Charged Positive Ions
T. Smith, B. Friedmann, A.N. Witt, R. Wang, X. Deng, D. FurtonPhotoluminesence of Carbonaceous Grain Mantle Materials with Silicon Impurities
T. P. Snow, Valery LePage, and Veronica BierbaumLaboratory Studies of PAH Cations of Interest for Studies of the Diffuse Interstellar Medium, Paper for Proceedings
Theodore P. Snow, J. Michael Shull, Donald C. MortonLaboratory Data Needed in Support of the FUSE (Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer) Mission, Paper for Proceedings
Springer, P. T, Eastman, R. G., Goldstein, W. H., Hammer, J. H.,Iglesias, C. A., Pinto, P. A., Deeney, C.Laboratory Measurment of Opacity for Stellar Envelopes
Glenn Stark, Brenton R. Lewis, Stephen T. Gibson, Julian P. EnglandHigh-resolution oscillator strength measurements for high-v' bands of the A(v')-X(0) system of carbon monoxide
Glenn Stark, Peter L. Smith, Juliet C. Pickering, Geoff Cox and James RufusN2 and SO2 VUV Oscillator Strengths for Planetary Atmosphere Studies
R.P. Thorn, Jr., W.A. Payne, L.J. Stief, D.J. Bogan, F.L. Nesbitt, X. Chillier, D. C. TardyA Product Study of the C2H3 + C2H3 and the C2H3 + CH3 Reactions
Clay S. Turner and Steven T. MansonElastic Scattering of Electrons By Positive Ions
Gianfranco Vidali. J. Roser, and C.LiuLaboratory investigations of molecular hydrogen formation on dust grain analogues
Thomas J. Wdowiak, Luther W. BeegleA New Molecular Model for the Carrier of the 2175A Interstellar Extinction Feature
W.L. Wiese and D.E. KelleherCritical Evaluation and Compilation of Atomic Transition Probability Data Relevant to Space Astronomy
Adolf N. WittPhotoluminescence by Interstellar Grains: A New Constraint on Dust Models
C. Y. Robert Wu, F. Z. Chen, T. Hung, D. L. Judge, J. CaldwellTemperature-Dependent Photoabsorption and Emission Studies of Atmospheric Gases, with Application to Planetary Atmospheres
C.Y. Robert Wu, T. Hung, D.L. Judge, T. Matsui, K. ItoHigh-Resolution, High-Temperature Cross Section Measurements of N2 and O2 in the 834 and 917 A Regions
Yu-lin Xu and Bo A.S. GustafsonExperimental Verification of Multisphere Light-Scattering Calculations: I) Rigorous Solution and II) the DDA

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