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Harvard CMB Group

The Harvard CMB lab focuses on using measurements of the cosmic microwave background to address leading questions of cosmology. We play a leading role in the multi-institutional BICEP program, which produces extremely deep maps of polarization of the CMB at multiple frequencies from the South Pole, measuring gravitational lensing and galactic foregrounds and placing leading constraints on primordial gravitational waves.

Professor John Kovac's research over the past two decades has involved the design, deployment, and operation of multiple generations of radio telescopes at the Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole. Our lab currently focuses on optics testing, fabrication, operations and analysis for the BICEP program telescopes currently operating in the field, including the Keck Array and BICEP3. We are also engaged in design and fabrication of the new BICEP Array project, which is upgrading the current program with new instrumentation to include over 30,000 detectors and five frequency bands, to be deployed starting in 2017 and operated through 2021.

We host weekly group lunches and journal club discussions, in addition to hosting speakers and researchers from other universities. For a list of upcoming events, please refer to our calendar below.

If you are interested in joining our lab, as an undergraduate, graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, or research intern, please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit us at Harvard Astronomy.

Group Calendar

Tuesday: BICEP/Keck Operations and Analysis telecon 1:30-3pm. Dvorkin-Finkbeiner-Kovac joint journal club every other week 5:30-7pm, website here.

Wednesday: CMB Lab group lunch 12:30pm.

Thursday: BICEP Array instrument telecon 1-3pm.

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